Smith & Wesson Accused of Allowing Sexual Harassment to Occur

A former long-term machine operator for Smith & Wesson from a facility outside of Texas claims that her complaints about harassment fell on deaf ears. She claims that sexual harassment became so intense that she could no longer work for the company. Her claim against the firearm manufacturer and the offending supervisor was filed in a federal court.

The plaintiff claims that her superior began making inappropriate comments in 2011. He allegedly made sexual jokes on a regular basis as well as other lewd comments. This behavior caused the plaintiff to feel uncomfortable, so she decided to report it. The woman informed human resources of what was happening, but apparently, she was still forced to work her supervisor.

Even after reporting the sexual harassment, the plaintiff asserts that it continued, and it then started to affect her job. She claims that her work was overly scrutinized, and her supervisor became very controlling of her job duties. The plaintiff alleges that she reported the harassment multiple times, but nothing ever changed. Eventually, she could no longer take the harassment of the situation and felt forced to quit.

Her suit against the defendants is pressing for a trial by jury. She is seeking over $75,000 in damages for the mental and emotional distress she allegedly endured. Sexual harassment complaints that are made by Texas workers should be taken very seriously and investigated. Similarly situated employees who have proceeded through company protocol but still have not found a resolution may consider filing claims against their employers through the civil court system.

Source:, "Ex-employee files sexual harassment suit against Smith & Wesson", Daniel Terrill, Dec. 28, 2015