2 Hospital Staff Claim Sexual Harassment Complaints Were Ignored

Texas workers who are subjected to a hostile work environment expect that it will be remedied by appropriate action. Sometimes, though, employers choose to turn a blind eye to misconduct. A health care worker alleges that her employers ignored her complaints about sexual harassment on the job. She and a co-worker filed a lawsuit in another state against the hospital where both still work.

The surgical technician alleges that a doctor and a nurse were acting inappropriately during a medical procedure, The woman claims that the doctor tried to touch her and kiss her in the operating room, even trying to rub his genitals against her body. She asserts that the surveillance cameras placed in the hospital even recorded some of this wrongdoing. The second plaintiff-- an imaging technician -- apparently witnessed the harassment. Once the doctor realized this, he is said to have sought to discredit her. According to the complaint, the women brought the situation to the attention of hospital officials; however, the doctor was not disciplined.

The alleged harassment continued with a male nurse in the operating room. The surgical technician is said to have reported what was happening to superiors, but once again, no corrective action was taken. The technician then used her cellphone to capture the man in the act. Allegedly, he masturbated while a patient was having surgery and did not even bother to wash his hands; instead, he continued to touch the patient.

The hospital rejects the allegations that it tried to cover up the sexual harassment allegations and stressed that the safety of its staff and patients is very important. A complaint was filed to revoke the nurse's license, but he apparently remains in good standing. The plaintiffs are seeking an undetermined amount of monetary damages for what they claim to have endured. Similarly, situated Texas workers should not be subjected to a hostile workplace and have the right to pursue sexual harassment claims when circumstances warrant.

Source: fresnobee.com, "Nurse fondled himself in Hanford operating room, says co-worker's sexual harassment lawsuit", Pablo Lopez, Jan. 21, 2016