Woman Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Police

A police officer in a different state recently claimed that she was harassed sexually on the job. She has therefore filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the department. When an individual in Texas experiences this type of harassment in the workplace, it is within his or her rights to take legal action.

The woman in the out-of-state case claimed that both her fellow police officers and her superiors harassed her. She claimed that multiple individuals created a work environment that was hostile toward her. In addition, these individuals -- including an acting chief, an acting deputy chief and a mayor -- are accused of discriminating against the woman due to her gender.

According to the claim, the woman was the recipient of many vulgar, inappropriate and discriminatory comments. In addition, other women in the police department also apparently received these comments. The woman furthermore asserted that she experienced retaliation after bringing her complaints to the mayor, who did not hold the woman's bosses responsible for their behavior.

The woman is seeking damages for high blood pressure, anxiety and stress stemming from her reported hostile work environment. She is also pursuing economic damages in light of the lost career opportunities she allegedly suffered. Whenever an employee in Texas experiences sexual harassment in the workplace, he or she has the right to file a claim in an effort to right any wrong that has been committed. Remedies in a successfully presented case might include back pay or the reinstatement of a job, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source: wpri.com, "North Providence police lieutenant files sexual harassment lawsuit", Shaun Towne, Dec. 21, 2016