School District Faces Race Discrimination Lawsuit

A woman in another state claims she suffered discrimination on the job due to her race. Race discrimination is illegal in Texas and all other states. In this case, the woman asserts that it ended up forcing her out of her job. She has since filed a lawsuit against her formal employer.

The Caucasian woman asserts that she had a strong employment record before being fired from her job. However, less than one year after starting at the metro school district, she was escorted out of her workplace in what she characterizes as a humiliating manner. She claims that she was essentially demoted and then eventually replaced with a man who happens to be Hispanic.

According to the lawsuit, the school principal told the woman that it was necessary for the community to see the Hispanic man in the role he took from her. School officials say they intend to defend themselves vigorously against the woman's allegations because they followed all of the relevant laws. The woman is seeking monetary damages as part of her legal claim.

Although it is illegal for an employer to treat an employee differently simply due to his or her race, this continues to happen in Texas and other jurisdictions. It is within the rights of a person who has faced race discrimination to explore all of available legal options, including the filing of a lawsuit. An understanding of the particular facts that must be proved will be critical in order to succeed in this type of civil claim.

Source:, "White woman claims racial discrimination against Denver metro school district", Ryan Luby, Nov. 28, 2016