Race Discrimination Suit Filed Against Staffing Agency

Several African-Americans recently filed a lawsuit in federal court against a job placement agency, alleging discrimination on the basis of race. Specifically, the workers claimed that the agency discriminated against African-American applicants by favoring Hispanic applicants. When people in Texas and elsewhere face race discrimination, it is within their rights to take legal action.

According to the lawsuit, the agency used many discriminatory practices. For instance, the agency used code words to refer to people of certain races who were applying for jobs. This was allegedly done to appease corporate clients who did not want to fill temporary positions with African-Americans.

According to the plaintiffs' counsel, race discrimination appears to be rampant in the temporary staffing industry. Some companies may have chosen to outsource hiring and recruiting to avoid facing liability. One of the plaintiffs asserted that he had applied about 20 times for jobs through the staffing agency being sued, but he had been awarded a job just one time.

Race discrimination can have an adverse impact on a worker in Texas, including damage to one's reputation and self-esteem. Even though it is illegal under federal law, it remains an issue throughout the country. Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against based on race have the right to seek financial accountability from their employers through the civil court system. Remedies in a case that is fought successfully may even include the reinstatement of a job and/or back and pay. Those facing these issues typically rely upon an attorney with experience handling similar claims at the state and federal levels.

Source: The New York Times, "Black Workers' Suit Accuses Job Agency of Favoring Hispanic Applicants", Liam Stack, Dec. 6, 2016