Race Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Versace

A former employee of Versace recently sued the company, alleging unfair business practices. Specifically, the luxury fashion company is accused of engaging in race discrimination. If a person in Texas or elsewhere experiences discrimination on the job based on his or her race, he or she has the right to seek justice in civil court.

In the out-of-state case, a 23-year-old man who is of mixed race claims that he was terminated due to his race. He had worked for Versace for just two weeks when the incident occurred. The man claimed that, during his training for new employees, he was told about the store's use of a code to alert employees that an African-American customer was in the store.

The man asserts that he then told management that he was a quarter African American. At that point, the management allegedly gave him substandard training and began to treat him differently. The man asserts that he was terminated for not understanding luxury or living a life of luxury. The former Versace employee also alleges that he received no rest periods and did not get paid for the time he had worked.

Race discrimination is illegal, but it still happens in Texas and other states. If a person is mistreated at work due to the color of his or her skin, he or she has the right to file a discrimination lawsuit against his or her employer, pursuing claims for financial damages. Various types of reparation might result from a case that is successfully navigated, ranging from back pay or replacement in a job position, depending on the specific circumstances underlying the claim.

Source: CNN, "Versace sued for using secret 'code' for black customers", Mayra Cuevas, Dec. 28, 2016