Pregnancy Discrimination Suit Filed Against School District

An elementary school teacher from another state recently claimed that she suffered discrimination due to her being pregnant. She has, therefore, decided to file a lawsuit against the school district. In her lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination, which is a violation of federal law in Texas and other states, she is seeking up to a total of $750,000 in damages.

The school district hired the woman back in 2012 to be a kindergarten teacher. However, the woman was reportedly coerced to quit her job shortly after she announced she was pregnant. Some of the claims in her lawsuit are against the elementary school at which she used to work as well as against the human resource director for the school district.

According to the suit, the elementary school principal gave the plaintiff a positive review of her performance in February of 2014. However, between the fall of that year and the spring of 2015, the plaintiff raised concerns about federal and state violations with regard to special education. Furthermore, when she told school staff that she was pregnant in the spring of 2015 even though she was not married, the school principal reportedly started to harass her and scheduled a meeting with her during which she was told that her teaching contract would not be renewed.

As part of her lawsuit, the plaintiff is claiming retaliation as well as gender discrimination related to pregnancy. When individuals in Texas suffer pregnancy discrimination or other types of workplace discrimination, they have the right to explore all of their legal options, including filing a lawsuit. Remedies in a successfully fought claim may include the reinstatement of a job or back pay depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Former Redmond teacher sues district", Kailey Fisicaro, Dec. 5, 2016