Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against University

A leading university in another state has been sued for discriminating against an employee on the basis of gender. The employee, a researcher, filed the gender discrimination lawsuit against the institution and some of her superiors. The claim further alleges breach of contract and retaliation, which are grounds for litigation in Texas and elsewhere as well.

The university initially recruited the woman because of the work she had done on human infection and malaria immunology. The university stated that it believed she would benefit the university economically in the form of grants and publicity. However, she asserts that, after she got to the university to work as an assistant professor, her career was ruined.

She alleges one of her superiors told her that women did not belong in the science field and blew tobacco smoke in her face. According to the complaint, the man furthermore told her she was not thinking clearly if she believed she could achieve success in this field. In addition, when she presented a doctor's letter one day to request time off due to a sickness, the man allegedly threw the letter back at her and told her she did not appear to be dying. The plaintiff claims that because she was treated unfairly and embarrassed in front of her colleagues, she was not able to raise the funds needed to support a majority of her salary, which led to her termination.

Companies in Texas may be held accountable for allowing a hostile environment characterized by gender discrimination to persist, as this type of treatment is illegal. Individuals who have been treated in a biased manner due to their gender have the right to file a discrimination claim. Remedies from a successfully litigated claim may include the reinstatement of a job and/or monetary damages for financial losses, including any emotional harm caused.

Source:, "Who's Suing NYU: A Gender Discrimination Lawsuit From May", Ladan Jaballas, Nov. 21, 2016