Woman Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Former Bandmate

No one in Texas or elsewhere should be forced to endure unwanted sexual advances. A woman in a different state recently claimed to have experienced this type of sexual harassment while working with a bandmate. The bandmate is a relatively high-profile person, extreme sport star Shaun White.

According to the woman's lawsuit, her bandmate made suggestive and sexually harassing comments to her that she considered to be in appropriate. She also asserted that she had text messages to prove that he had made the comments. For instance, the bandmate reportedly sent her sexually explicit photos through text message in addition to showing her videos of a sexual nature.

The woman also claimed that the sport star made her watch a film that was pornographic. The man is additionally accused of sending the woman text messages featuring demands; for instance, in one, he reportedly told her she needed a haircut right away. Another message allegedly indicated that he told her to avoid wearing clothing that was conservative. The sport star said he did send the text messages but that they were between him and a friend and that his friend was now using it to create a fake lawsuit.

When a person in Texas claims to experience sexual harassment on the job, the party allegedly perpetrating the workplace sexual harassment may be held liable in civil court. No employee has to accept undesired sexual advances, and an employer is responsible for making sure that his or her work environment is not a hostile one due to sexual harassment. Monetary damages may result from a lawsuit that is litigated successfully.

Source: complex.com, "Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Shaun White Includes Graphic Allegations", Gavin Evans, Aug. 16, 2016