White Woman Files Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

Because employment discrimination on the basis of race is illegal in Texas and across the country, it is within the rights of any job seeker or employee who has been treated differently due to his or her race to seek justice through the legal system. A teacher in another state recently sued her employer, alleging  employment discrimination. According to the lawsuit, the woman, who is Caucasian and does not speak Spanish, was turned down for a position that required her to teach one hour of Spanish each day.

The woman, who teaches third grade, filed a discrimination claim against the school board because her race allegedly kept her from getting the position. She asserted that she had worked a decade at one elementary school and asked last year for the opportunity to teach language arts and reading to children who were part of an extended foreign language program. As part of this program, students can learn a language besides English for one hour each day.

The school reportedly rejected the woman's request since language and reading arts teachers in the program were required to speak Spanish. It was alleged that she was therefore denied this position due to her race as well as her national origin -- that of a person who is not a native speaker of Spanish. The woman claimed that the institution could have easily allowed her to take the language arts position and then given the program's Spanish component to another teacher. According to the suit, individuals who do not speak Spanish are actually the minority in the area surrounding the school.

When people feel that they are victims of employment discrimination, they have the right to take action by filing discrimination lawsuits against the alleged perpetrators of the illegal behavior. An understanding of which facts have to be proved is likely important in order to succeed in this type of civil case. Monetary relief for damages may result from a successfully litigated discrimination case in Texas.

Source: jamaicaobserver.com, "White teacher cites race discrimination in lawsuit against US school", July 26, 2016