Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against Village Settled

Company supervisors in Texas and other states cannot use their positions to make undesired sexual advances toward a subordinate. This constitutes sexual harassment, and it is the situation that one woman reportedly faced while working as a treasurer for a village. The woman, who claimed that the village's mayor sexually harassed her, ended up filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, which was settled recently.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2014. As part of the lawsuit settlement, the village agreed to pay the woman $120,000. However, the village said it was not admitting any liability, fault or wrongdoing.

According to the suit, the mayor not only made unwanted sexual advances toward the woman but also left cards on the woman's desk. The messages in the cards are said to have contained suggestive material that indicated the mayor's interest in the woman. The woman claimed that after she turned him down, he increased the woman's workload and started to treat her in a hostile manner in front of other workers. However, the mayor denied these allegations. The $120,000 being paid to settle the claim will come from the insurance company that the village uses.

Employers in Texas have a responsibility to prevent their employees from being sexually harassed, as this can lead to a hostile work environment. Understandably, no employee has to accept undesired sexual advances in the workplace. Any worker who faces this type of sexual harassment has the right to file a sexual harassment claim against the company. Based on the circumstances surrounding the case, the employee may receive back pay or other financial damages, including related legal costs.

Source:, "Alsip settles sexual harassment suit against mayor for $120,000", Gregory Pratt, Aug. 3, 2016