Retaliation and Discrimination Suit Filed Against Education Board

Employees have a right to report their employers' wrongdoings. When an employer in Texas engages in illegal activity, such as retaliation or race discrimination, it may be held liable for its actions. A man in a different state recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer, a board of education, and the board president. The man claimed that his employer engaged in employer retaliation in addition discriminating against him on the basis of race.

According to his lawsuit, the female president of the school board took full advantage of the school district's resources for personal use over a period of two years. The woman is also accused of hiring unqualified friends to fill various job roles as well as protecting these friends from criminal and internal investigations. Furthermore, the woman and her board allegedly retaliated against the man, who claimed that he was fired after constantly complaining about the board president's actions.

The man further claimed that he was terminated since he was Caucasian, with the board favoring African-American individuals over White individuals. The man started working for the school district back in 1999. He served in the role of assistant director and educational enforcement officer for most of that time.

If an employer has engaged in retaliation and race discrimination, it is within the rights of the employee who was retaliated and discriminated against to explore all of his or her legal options. Filing a lawsuit is one option that may be best for moving a case forward. Monetary relief may result from a successfully fought claim in Texas.

Source:, "Bridgeton BOE president sued by former employee", Daniel J. Kov, Aug. 10, 2016