Man Awarded $500,000 in Race Discrimination Suit

A Black man in another state who filed a lawsuit against his employer was recently awarded half a million dollars in a jury trial. The amount was $100,000 higher than what the man had sought in his race discrimination case. Workplace discrimination can happen for various reasons in Texas and other states, but it is illegal, and its victims are eligible for monetary compensation if it was intentional.

The man who was recently awarded $500,000 previously worked for a jail. He and two other Black men -- one a jail commander and the other a job applicant who was not hired -- sued the county back in 2009, alleging racial discrimination by officers and jail managers. The three men claimed that the county did not treat Black workers or job applicants fairly.

The job applicant's and jail commander's claims were tired up in a court of appeals, so the recent trial proceeded just with the man who ended up being awarded. This man said he was passed over for the opportunity to be promoted. His employer was also accused of denying the man training opportunities and of not doing much to prevent inmates from saying racial slurs.

If an employer in Texas creates a hostile work environment that promotes race discrimination, the victim of this treatment has the right to explore his or her legal options, including filing a lawsuit. Monetary relief from a claim that is fought victoriously cannot undo the racist events that the victim has experienced. However, it may help the victim to experience a sense of justice in the ordeal.

Source:, "Former jail deputy wins racial discrimination suit", Jessica Prokop, Aug. 19, 2016