Woman Allegedly Terminated for Whistleblower Action

Sometimes a person in Texas tries to do what he or she feels is the right thing by reporting the illegal or unethical acts of his or her employer. Unfortunately, this may cause the whistleblower to end up losing his or her job. One woman in another state says she was terminated for her whistleblower action and is now suing her employer, which is a county government.

According to the lawsuit, the woman raised concerns regarding different contracts that had been activated under a penny sales tax referendum. Specifically, some ineligible businesses allegedly got contracts that they should not have received based on the applicable rules. The woman's lawsuit cites major wrongdoing and fraud as well as violations of regulations, laws, standards of conduct, and public policy on the part of county officials.

The woman reported the wrongdoing both orally and in writing. She asserted that, due to her allegations, she was terminated. She had worked for the county from 2012 to 2015.

Standing up and reporting what appears to be illegal conduct by an employer in the state of Texas takes courage, so being punished for one's whistleblower action can naturally feel like an injustice. Such punishment may come in the form of termination, an adverse change in one's work schedule, a demotion, a hostile work environment, a change in pay, or some other retaliatory action by one's employer. Fortunately, appropriate legal guidance may help people in this situation protect their rights and obtain appropriate solutions through the civil court system, which may include a demand for monetary damages.

Source: thestate.com, "Lawsuit alleges Richland County whistleblower fired over penny sales tax information", John Monk, March 25, 2016