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October 2016 Archives

Former CNN worker alleges race and religious discrimination

A man in another state has decided to file a lawsuit against the news organization CNN following his termination from the company. The man, who is black, was an associate producer with CNN and is a Christian. He claimed that the company engaged in race and religious discrimination. When an employer in Texas and other states treats employees differently on the basis of race or religion, the employees who are discriminated against have the right to try to hold their employer accountable legally.

Female officer claims she is victim of gender discrimination

A female police officer in another state recently accused her employer, the city, of discriminating against her because of her gender. She filed a formal complaint with a state human relations commission. If people in Texas experience illegal gender discrimination, it is within their rights to seek to hold their employers accountable through the civil court system.

Sexual harassment suit filed against school district

A lawsuit has been filed in another state against a county school district, alleging that eight employees at a middle school in the district were sexually harassed. A former colleague reportedly engaged in the sexual harassment. If a person is harassed sexually in the workplace in Texas, he or she retains the right to seek to hold his or her employer accountable legally.

Race discrimination suit to be filed against fire department

In a recent out-of-state case, 10 current and former employees plan to file a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against a fire department. The plaintiffs claimed that they were discriminated against in the areas of advancement and pay. When people in Texas are victims of race discrimination, they can take legal actions in attempts to right any wrongs that have been done.

Gender discrimination suit filed against Yahoo

Yahoo has been sued for workplace discrimination. The CEO and other executives are accused of implementing a worker review system that resulted in the mass firing of male workers. If companies in Texas and others states engage in gender discrimination, workers affected have the right to take legal action.

Retaliation suit settled for $90,000

In another state, a settlement was recently reached for a sheriff's deputy who alleged that his employer retaliated against him. The federal lawsuit has been settled for $90,000. It is within the rights of workers in Texas and other states who experience retaliation in the workplace to seek to hold accountable their employers through the civil court system.

Race discrimination lawsuit filed against seafood company

A workplace discrimination lawsuit was recently filed against a seafood company in another state. According to the suit, the company engaged in race discrimination against a former worker there. Race discrimination is illegal, but unfortunately, it persists in Texas and other states.

Sexual harassment not reported for multiple reasons

The harassment of women remains a problem in the United States, including in Texas. However, a survey done in 2015 showed that more than 70 percent of women did not report sexual harassment. In addition, only a few bystanders report harassment after they have witnessed it.

Gender discrimination lawsuit filed against food distributor

A food distributor in another state has been sued for allegedly treating women unfairly during the hiring process. This is considered gender discrimination, and it is illegal according to federal law. Any company that engages in this type of discrimination in the state of Texas may be held financially responsible through the civil justice system.

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