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July 2016 Archives

Woman settles retaliation case with city

People in Texas who experience retaliation due to speaking up about what they believe to be illegal or unethical naturally feel a sense of injustice. One woman in another state reportedly faced this situation with her employer, a city, which led her to file a retaliation lawsuit against the city. She recently settled the case with the city.

2 women allege retaliation, gender discrimination

Receiving poor treatment on the basis of one's gender in Texas can be not only humiliating but also damaging to one's career. In another state, two women recently claimed that their former director unjustly fired them and then hired men who did not have the same experience or education as they did. They thus filed a lawsuit in federal court, alleging retaliation as well as gender discrimination.

Workplace religious discrimination lawsuit filed against Macy's

When people in Texas are discriminated against based on their religious convictions, they can miss advancement opportunities in the workplace, in addition to feeling humiliated and angry. One man in another state recently claimed he experienced religious discrimination on the job. He has since filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Macy's.

Sexual harassment is grounds for civil litigation

Sexual harassment can be challenging for a person in Texas to handle, particularly in the workplace. Unwanted advances might come from a colleague, supervisor or subordinate. In any of these situations, the person experiencing workplace sexual harassment may understandably feel unsafe and violated and has the right to take legal action.

Sexual harassment lawsuit leads to $1 million settlement

Being sexually harassed at work is grounds for litigation in Texas. In another state, two women who worked as celery harvesters claimed they were victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. They recently reached a million-dollar settlement against the allegedly responsible labor contractor.

New law allows higher wages to qualify for overtime in Texas

A person who earns the minimum wage in Texas may not be able to support a family unless he or she works overtime hours. To automatically qualify for overtime, employees must work more than 40 hours a week and earn less than $23,660 a year. However, new rules for wages and overtime going into effect at the end of the year will change the salary requirements for overtime eligibility.

Workplace discrimination suit claims age discrimination at Google

Being discriminated against because of one's age is illegal, but it can still happen in Texas, as well as in other states. A federal lawsuit has been filed alleging workplace discrimination at the company Google. According to the lawsuit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been investigating complaints made specifically about age discrimination occurring at the well-known company.

Sexual harassment claim filed by broadcast veteran

When businesses in Texas allow sexual harassment to take place in their work environments, the illegality of the allowance creates grounds for litigation. In another state, one broadcast veteran recently claimed she was terminated as retaliation for resisting the company CEO's sexual advances. She has filed a sexual harassment claim in this case.

Workplace discrimination grounds for litigation

Workplace discrimination may easily happen for various reasons in Texas. No matter the offense, a job candidate or employee can lose out on a position, promotion or pay raise in addition to feeling humiliated and angry. A person who has experienced workplace discrimination has the right to take legal action in an effort to hold his or her employer accountable.

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