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Woman files gender discrimination suit against city

According to federal law, mistreating an employee based on his or her sex is illegal in Texas and other states. However, it still happens, in which case the employer perpetrating the wrongdoing may be held accountable through civil court. One woman in a different state recently filed a lawsuit against the city for whom she used to work, along with the city manager, alleging gender discrimination.

The woman was the interim city manager for several months when the city manager was hired. She then was hired to be the assistant city manager. However, she was later terminated and was reportedly told that her position was being eliminated due to budget cuts.

The woman claimed that her termination was actually in retaliation for her objecting to the city's discriminatory practices based on sex as well as equal pay. She asserted that the city's practices violated the Federal Employment Discrimination Act. According to the woman's complaint, men who worked for the city received a pay increase of more than 12 percent, while women who worked for the city received a pay increase of just over 2 percent.

As part of her lawsuit, the woman is seeking damages, which include future or lost wages. When a person is a victim of gender discrimination, he or she has the right to file a workplace discrimination suit, pursing the reimbursement of damages resulting from the alleged discrimination. Knowing which facts need to be proved may very well be necessary to prevail in this type of civil court case in Texas.

Source: news-journalonline.com, "Former employee files federal discrimination lawsuit against DeBary, city manager", Austin Fuller, June 1, 2016

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