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Sexual harassment suit against city settled for $1.9 million

When a supervisor in Texas is accused of sexually harassing an employee at a company, this is grounds for filing a lawsuit against the employer. In one case in another state, a part-time worker filed a sexual harassment suit against the city for which she was working. A lawsuit settlement of $1.9 million was recently announced in this case.

According to the lawsuit, the employee was harassed by a company supervisor. An insurance company will end up covering a majority of the settlement of the lawsuit. The city that was sued will have to pay $200,000. The supervisor who was accused of the sexual harassment no longer works for the city but will also have to pay a share of the settlement.

If the lawsuit had gone to trial, the attorney fees might have surpassed $2 million. The city's workers will now complete extra training reminding them about the legal protections in place for a workplace that is free of harassment. Their training will also cover how workers should report sexual harassment.

Employers in Texas have a legal obligation to prevent the sexual harassment of their workers. Sexual harassment in the workplace can easily lead to a work environment that is considered hostile or intimidating for the employees. Understandably, no employee has to accept any unwanted sexual advances on the job. If a person is a workplace sexual harassment victim, he or she has the right to file a claim against the company. The plaintiff may end up receiving monetary damages, including back pay, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source: ocregister.com, "La Habra settles lawsuit in sexual harassment case for $1.9 million", Angela Ratzlaff, June 7, 2016

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