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Religious discrimination claim filed against water company

Various forms of discrimination still exist in the workplace in Texas and other states. Religious discrimination in employment is prohibited by both state and federal laws, and an employer who perpetrates this type of workplace discrimination may face significant legal difficulties. In one out-of-state case, a woman asserts that she was recently fired due to her religious beliefs.

The woman filed a discrimination suit against a company that sells bottled water, alleging religious discrimination. The company, which is under the leadership of a state assemblyman, markets water that has been purified and infused with electrons, reportedly for health benefits. The woman claims she was hired in March 2015 to be one of the company's brand ambassadors.

According to the woman's federal lawsuit, the business pressured the woman, who is Catholic, to view videos about Scientology. She asserts that she was also offered Scientology-themed classes. The plaintiff alleges that she ended up being denied raises after declining to take the courses. Evidently, she was eventually fired because of what she believed, although the company claims that her poor job performance was the reason for her termination.

Employers in the state of Texas cannot treat employees differently because of their religious beliefs. If this happens, an employee who has been subjected to discrimination has the right to file a religious discrimination claim in civil court. A remedy that may result from a successfully navigated discrimination claim could include monetary damages and reinstatement to the employment position, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Lawsuit: Nevada worker fired for not accepting Scientology", May 3, 2016

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