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May 2016 Archives

Fire fighter files sexual harassment claim

When an employee in Texas is sexually harassed, he or she may seek to hold the employer accountable. In another state, a fire fighter claims that she suffered sexual harassment for several years. She filed a lawsuit against the department, for which she still works.

Race discrimination lawsuit filed against Boeing

Discriminating against others in the workplace based on protected statuses is grounds for civil litigation in Texas and other states. Several Black individuals who currently work or formerly worked for Boeing in another state recently filed race and gender discrimination lawsuits against the company. According to the lawsuit, these workers were hired to fill low-level positions, and they lost promotions in addition to not being permitted to participate in launch campaigns since White workers were favored.

Termination by Wells Fargo leads to whistleblower suit

Speaking up about alleged wrongdoing in one's workplace may cause one to experience retaliation, up to and including termination. However, this is illegal in Texas and other states. One man in a different state recently claims that Wells Fargo & Co. fired him after he learned that the bank lacked the right documentation for certain mortgage loans but was still collecting on them. The man who suffered termination has thus filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the financial institution.

Over $130,000 awarded in pregnancy discrimination suit

Being discriminated against simply because one is pregnant is grounds for litigation in Texas and other states. In one out-of-state case, it was recently announced that a nursing home will end up paying $132,500 as part of a pregnancy discrimination case. This is to settle allegations that it engaged in discrimination toward a pregnant worker there.

Whistleblower action reportedly leads to termination, lawsuit

When an employee in Texas witnesses what appears to be unethical or illegal activity in the workplace, he or she may try to do the right thing by speaking up about it. However, the individual may end up losing his or her job as a result, which is illegal. In one out-of-state case, a woman claimed she was wrongfully terminated from her city job after engaging in whistleblower action, and she has filed a lawsuit against the mayor of the city.

Workplace discrimination claim filed against newspaper

When workplaces in Texas create cultures of discrimination, they may be held liable through the civil court system. In another state, top executives at a newspaper were recently sued for creating a culture characterized by discrimination based on gender, age and race. The multi-million workplace discrimination suit was filed on the behalf of two older African-American female workers.

Workplace sexual harassment training may do more harm than good

When men are found to have engaged in sexual harassment in Texas or elsewhere, workplaces are often motivated to institute sexual harassment training to prevent these kinds of incidents in the future. Sexual harassment can occur in just about any workplace environment, including universities and in the entertainment industry. According to new research, however, sexual harassment training might actually have the opposite effect on workers.

Religious discrimination claim filed against water company

Various forms of discrimination still exist in the workplace in Texas and other states. Religious discrimination in employment is prohibited by both state and federal laws, and an employer who perpetrates this type of workplace discrimination may face significant legal difficulties. In one out-of-state case, a woman asserts that she was recently fired due to her religious beliefs.

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