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April 2016 Archives

4 men awarded damages in employer retaliation suit

Whistleblowers in Texas naturally believe they are doing the right thing by calling attention to unethical or illegal conduct at a company. However, they may be subject to retaliation, up to and including termination, which is illegal. Four men in another state recently claimed to experience employer retaliation and filed a lawsuit against their employer. They ended up being awarded damages and back pay as part of the suit.

Fire lieutenant wins $806K in gender discrimination lawsuit

Treating an employee differently in Texas because of his or her gender is illegal under federal law. However, in one out-of-state case, one female lieutenant at a fire department claimed she was a victim of gender discrimination there. After suing her employer, alleging general discrimination as well as sexual harassment, the woman recently won an award of more than $800,000.

More than 30 corrections officers file sexual harassment suit

Sexual harassment issues can be difficult for victims to handle in Texas, particularly when they occur at the workplace. Sexual harassment has many forms, including unwanted advances from a supervisor or a request for a sexual favor. In one out-of-state case, more than 30 female corrections officers have sued a county, claiming that they have suffered sexual harassment on the job.

Police sergeant files race discrimination lawsuit

Organizations in Texas that allow race discrimination to occur in the workplace may be held liable for the discrimination in civil court. In one out-of-state case, an African-American police officer has accused his police department of race discrimination and retaliation. The police officer recently filed a lawsuit against the department.

Unjust wages highlighted by U.S. women's soccer team

The United States' women's soccer team made Texas soccer fans proud when they played their way to snag the reigning spot as the World Cup champions. Carli Lloyd, a member of the team, was even named the female player of the year by the International Federation of Association Football -- FIFA. Despite all of the accomplishments by the women's team, some of its star players claim that their wages consistently trail behind those earned by those on the national men's team.

Employee rights complaint -- worker fired for having surgery

In Texas, employees who have not signed employment contracts with the companies where they work may not realize that their bosses can fire them at will. This means that an employer does not have to have a valid reason; a worker's employment can be terminated at any time. Nevertheless, if an employer does not comply with a specific laws concerning employee rights -- such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) -- legal action may be appropriate.

Several types of workplace discrimination exist

Workplace discrimination may happen in Texas for various reasons. No matter what the offense, job seekers as well as employees will lose out on job opportunities as well as pay raises or promotions. They may also naturally feel humiliated and angry. People who are victims of workplace discrimination can obtain legal help with filing complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Wage and hour law violations grounds for legal claims

Several federal laws are in place to protect workers from unjust wage practices in Texas and other states. The wage and hour laws were created to make sure that employees are not exploited by dishonest employers. However, spotting wage and hour law violations can sometimes be challenging. People who are concerned that their employees are not complying with these laws may want to consult attorneys to discuss their cases.

Woman allegedly terminated for whistleblower action

Sometimes a person in Texas tries to do what he or she feels is the right thing by reporting the illegal or unethical acts of his or her employer. Unfortunately, this may cause the whistleblower to end up losing his or her job. One woman in another state says she was terminated for her whistleblower action and is now suing her employer, which is a county government.

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