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Man files race discrimination suit against hospital

Being harassed and terminated from a job on the basis of race is understandably humiliating for employees in Texas, and it is also illegal. One nursing assistant who worked at a hospital in another state recently said he was terminated after being racially harassed there. He has thus sued the hospital, alleging race discrimination.

According to the plaintiff, who is black, another individual put a noose in the man's work area, keeping it there for several weeks. The plaintiff asserted that he suffered the infliction of emotional distress as a result and claimed that this infliction was intentional. He also claimed that he did not know who displayed the noose since the employer turned down his request to conduct an investigation.

Based on the lawsuit, the man worked in the hospital's intensive care and progressive care units for an estimated five years between July 2010 and November 2015, at which time he received positive reviews before being fired. In response to the complaint, hospital representatives said the facility was equal opportunity and maintained strict policies banning illegal workplace discrimination. The plaintiff in the suit is seeking an unspecified amount of money in back pay. He is also pursuing interest, damages, attorney fees and court costs along with a trial by jury.

If companies in Texas discriminate against employees on the basis of protected traits, such as age, gender or race, they are engaging in unlawful workplace discrimination. Workers who experience race discrimination have the right to explore their legal options, which may include filing discrimination lawsuits against their employers. A thorough understanding of what facts must be proved will likely be necessary in order to prevail in such a case.

Source: burlingtonfreepress.com, "Rutland hospital worker alleges racial harassment", Dan D'Ambrosio, March 18, 2016

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