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Applicants and workers accuse B&H of workplace discrimination

Many Texas readers may have heard of the iconic B&H store, known for its photography equipment. A group of minority workers claim they were mistreated and subjected to workplace discrimination. The company is also being accused of refusing qualified minority applicants from receiving jobs. The Department of Labor filed the discrimination claims against B&H on behalf of the plaintiffs.

According to the complaint, the company singled out Hispanic workers at some of its warehouses. The company also forced these workers to use separate restrooms that were often unsanitary or not functioning. Additionally, these workers were paid less and had less opportunity for advancement than their white co-workers.

The Hispanic workers claim that they were harassed and belittled and had racial comments directed toward them. The discriminatory actions apparently also extended to other minorities, who happened to be Asian, black or female. These individuals were not given the chance to be hired for entry-level jobs.

This case is crucial to B&H because if it loses the lawsuit it may could lose $46 million in federal contracts and not be given any more in the future. According to the DOL, B&H did not volunteer to change the situation and has not learned from its past workplace discrimination lawsuits. Individuals in Texas who perceive they are being victimized during the hiring process or upon employment can bring their complaints forward. Lawsuits such as these are a constant reminder that discrimination is against the law and will not be tolerated.

Source: New York Daily News, "B&H discriminated against Hispanic workers, refused to hire female, black and Asian applicants, lawsuit claims", Denis Slattery, Feb. 25, 2016

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