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TLK Group faces sexual harassment accusations from former worker

Even with no prior coercion, Texas employees may be on the receiving end of unwanted sexual behavior. Sexual harassment accusations should always be handled promptly and investigated, but that is not always the case. A woman who worked for TLK Group LLC, a premier call center service provider, alleges that her former site director forced unwanted sexual advances on her and made her work life intolerable. She has filed her case against the company and her former superior in a federal court.

The former customer service representative claims that everything changed one night when she was preparing to leave a meeting that had been held in the site director's office. The director allegedly tried to get too close to her and violated her personal space. The plaintiff claims he also made inappropriate remarks toward her. The woman maintains that she did not do anything to spur his actions and became fearful of him. She also claims she feared that she may lose her job because she did not reciprocate.

The plaintiff alleges that she proceeded to report the incident, but that did not stop her superior from smiling at her with a smug expression on his face. After the incident, she claims that she suffered from anxiety from having to be around the director, and she could not come to work. Allegedly, she had an excuse from her doctor that discussed her anxiety, but there was no response about the note on her condition or her sexual harassment investigation. Ultimately, the plaintiff was reportedly fired for missing too much work.

The woman maintains that the company did not thoroughly investigate her sexual harassment claim and then unlawfully fired her. She is suing for monetary damages, legal costs and any other redress the court deems appropriate. All Texas employees deserve to come to work without being exposed to a hostile work environment. If the aggrieved present their complaint and their employers do not solve the issues or have it investigated, the employees may consider moving forward to file a lawsuit.

Source: wvrecord.com, "Woman claims TLK fired her after she complained about sexual harassment", Hoang Tran, Jan. 29, 2016

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