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Chipotle accused of wrongful termination and sex discrimination

Texas individuals who enjoy Chipotle food may be aware of the recent allegations about their food safety protocols which has resulted in a lawsuit. The restaurant chain is now involved in another lawsuit in a federal court, but this time it was brought forth by three former employees. The women claim that they were the victims of wrongful termination based on their gender.

The plaintiffs were all general managers for Chipotle, but claim they lost their jobs unnecessarily. One of the plaintiffs claims that she lost her job because she used her benefits under the Family and Medical Leave Act and went on maternity leave. The other two plaintiffs claim that they lost their jobs only months after they received accolades on their work performances or were promoted.

One of the women said that her manager -- to whom all three plaintiffs reported -- purportedly made sexist comments that she found offensive. He reportedly said that one of the women were too emotional and made comments that some of the female staff were overweight. The plaintiffs assert that after they were fired, they were all replaced with males.

The counsel for Chipotle maintains that the reason why the women were fired was not sexually motivated and that they were all fired for documented performance issues. Additionally, she claims that both men and women were hired and fired by this manager. The trial for this wrongful termination and sex discrimination case has started and is expected to last for two weeks. Gender or any other legally protected status should not have any bearing on whether Texas workers are hired, fired or promoted. Similarly situated individuals who believe that they were fired unlawfully may benefit from presenting their cases to an employment law attorney who can give them guidance on how to proceed.

Source: foxnews.com, "Chipotle's latest lawsuit has nothing to do with foodborne illness", Jan. 28, 2016

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