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February 2016 Archives

Blind woman sues for workplace discrimination and mistreatment

Texas companies who have disabled employees must offer them reasonable accommodations so long as they do not present an undue hardship. A woman who worked for Horizons Youth Services in another state claims that she was forced to quit her job because her former employer did not accommodate her disability. She filed a claim against the company in federal court, alleging workplace discrimination.

Manuel Fernandez and AIM are being sued for unpaid wages

Many Texas readers who enjoy fashion may have heard of Nole Marin, a.k.a. Manuel Fernandez. The fashion mogul and his modeling agency, AIM Model Management, are being sued by a former booking agent and two models. They allege that they were not paid all of the wages they were owed and Marin used the money to keep up his lavish lifestyle. The lawsuit was filed in a superior court.

Sexual harassment case against the Army settles for $820K

The Army is known for a strict belief in core values, but a woman who was a military police trainee outside Texas argues that not everyone abides. She claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment and filed a federal lawsuit against the Army. The woman alleges that her decision to complain about the harassment led to her termination.

UTB whistleblower claims his concerns led to his termination

A federal lawsuit against the University of Texas Medical Branch accuses the facility of retaliating against a whistleblower who reporter alleged improper practices. The previous head veterinarian claims he was highly accomplished and had an excellent track record during the little over two years that he was in his position. He claims his termination was directly tied to his discovery that the UTMB was not adequately caring for the animals.

Former Yahoo editor accuses the company of a wrongful termination

Many Texas residents use various services from Yahoo throughout their daily lives, but their opinion of the company may change after some recent allegations. A former editor for the Internet giant claims that his termination was rooted in discrimination. He has filed his case against the company in a federal court to try to seek justice.

Jets settle cheerleader wages dispute for $325K

Texas sports fans may enjoy watching the cheerleaders support their home teams, but according to the women, it is not all fun and games. The NFL is involved in another class action lawsuit from the cheerleaders of one of its teams and this time it is the Jets. One of the cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against the team in a state court alleging that the women had not been paid proper wages and were even being paid less than the state minimum wage.

TLK Group faces sexual harassment accusations from former worker

Even with no prior coercion, Texas employees may be on the receiving end of unwanted sexual behavior. Sexual harassment accusations should always be handled promptly and investigated, but that is not always the case. A woman who worked for TLK Group LLC, a premier call center service provider, alleges that her former site director forced unwanted sexual advances on her and made her work life intolerable. She has filed her case against the company and her former superior in a federal court.

Chipotle accused of wrongful termination and sex discrimination

Texas individuals who enjoy Chipotle food may be aware of the recent allegations about their food safety protocols which has resulted in a lawsuit. The restaurant chain is now involved in another lawsuit in a federal court, but this time it was brought forth by three former employees. The women claim that they were the victims of wrongful termination based on their gender.

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