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January 2016 Archives

CNA claims facility violated the Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act is meant, in part, to protect workers in Texas and all other states who need to take time away from work for a serious medical condition of their own or for an immediate family member. Taking advantage of this federal law can help workers who may have otherwise been terminated for taking off work for excessive periods of time. However, in some instances, some employees still end up losing their jobs because companies choose not to abide by the law or claim that it does not apply. A woman who worked in a health-care facility in another state claims she lost her job while on an approved leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, and has taken her case to federal court to right the wrongs against her.

2 hospital staff claim sexual harassment complaints were ignored

Texas workers who are subjected to a hostile work environment expect that it will be remedied by appropriate action. Sometimes, though, employers choose to turn a blind eye to misconduct. A health care worker alleges that her employers ignored her complaints about sexual harassment on the job. She and a co-worker filed a lawsuit in another state against the hospital where both still work.

4 ex-dental staff allege they suffered religious discrimination

Many Texas employees enjoy listening to music in the background as they work. This can become an issue if the music being played is found to be offensive to some of the workers. Four former employees of a dental office in another state allege that they were the victims of religious discrimination and were fired or felt pressured to quit when they objected to their boss's mandatory religious practices.

Class action lawsuit says company violated wage and hour laws

When working for a company, most employees believe that in exchange for their performing the work, they will be paid. Long hours at any job can put stress on a family, but that is only compounded when some of that work goes unpaid. A man claims that his former employer -- RCMN Credit Services Inc. -- violated wage and hour laws when it forced him work off-the-clock without pay. His class-action lawsuit has been filed in a federal court in Texas against the company as well as several other defendants.

New employee claims she got fired for reporting sexual harassment

Terrible experiences in the Texas workplace do not happen only to long-term employees. Sometimes, sexual harassment and other wrongdoing can happen when employees have only been with a company a short time. A former employee of a BBQ restaurant in another state claims that her sexual harassment complaints were not taken seriously because she was a new employee.

Can using a social media profile cause a person's termination?

When individuals in Texas and across the country need to get a message to a large group of people at once, many turn to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A woman who worked for a university in another state thought she was doing a good deed by posting some photos on Facebook to catch some vandals, but it resulted in her termination instead. She has filed a lawsuit in a state court against the school, four of its employees and its research and development group.

University faces discrimination allegations from former director

The former interim director of the Parking and Traffic Office for Stephen F. Austin University in Texas has filed a lawsuit against the school. The plaintiff claims that he was the victim of discrimination due to his disability. He has filed his claim against the school in a federal court.

Smith & Wesson accused of allowing sexual harassment to occur

A former long-term machine operator for Smith & Wesson from a facility outside of Texas claims that her complaints about harassment fell on deaf ears. She claims that the sexual harassment became so intense that she could no longer work for the company. Her claim against the firearm manufacturer and the offending supervisor was filed in a federal court.

Woman claims her termination was based on exposing the truth

A former executive of Starkey Hearing Foundation -- with headquarters outside of Texas -- claims that she was fired for questioning some of the behaviors of the organization. The plaintiff worked for the company over two years before her termination. She is suing Starkey Hearing Foundation as well as Starkey Laboratories Inc.

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