Ex UNT Lecturer Files for Wrongful Termination Against District

The principal lecturer of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at the University of North Texas claims that after an incident with a student, he lost his job unjustly. He has filed a claim in a federal court and has named the school and a number of upper administrators as defendants in his wrongful termination suit. Although his complaint cannot change what has already been done to his reputation, he is hoping that his case will bring him some form of retribution.

In 2014, the lecturer lost his job after a graduate student accused him of sexual harassment. He claims that they kissed twice, but both had agreed to the act. The plaintiff maintains that these kisses occurred before the woman was his student.

The school's department of Equity and Diversity that handled the complaint against the plaintiff decided in his favor. The plaintiff was exonerated of all the charges. The student did not attempt to overturn the decision. The previous chair of his department decided to fire the plaintiff, overriding the department's determination.

According to the complaint, the past department chair fashioned information to prove his determination to terminate the plaintiff. He had said that the plaintiff was the director of graduate studies at the time the incident occurred with the student, which would make her his student. This information allegedly justified the decision to fire the plaintiff. The Texas plaintiff is hoping to be awarded legal fees and monetary damages in his wrongful termination to provide him with financial redress for the damage to his reputation.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Lecturer accuses University of North Texas of wrongful termination", Robbie Hargett, Aug. 18, 2015