Burger King Hit With Discrimination Claim From Transgender Worker

Texas burger lovers and fast food junkies alike turn to Burger King when they are in a hurry. Serving so many customers quickly per day requires extensive staff in all of their locations, which can lead to a lot of hours for employees. A woman who works at a Burger Kind in another state feels that she suffered a reduction in hours due to discrimination against her because she is transgender.

The plaintiff maintains that she noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of days that she was working. Initially, she claims she was working four to five days per week. Over time, she noticed that she began to receive between three and four days. Slowly but surely, she claims that she was dropped all the way down to only working six hours per week.

She noticed that the workers who harassed her, however, were still getting between 35 and 40 hours per week. They were all still apparently being paid on salary. The co-workers who victimized her also apparently were not punished for their actions. This made the plaintiff feel like she was receiving disparate treatment.

The plaintiff filed her discrimination complaint in a federal court as well as with her state's Human Rights Commission. She says that this unfortunate situation has provided her with an opportunity to encourage other similarly aggrieved workers to stand up for their rights. Burger King made a statement that it has always had an accepting work environment that does not exclude anyone. It can sometimes be difficult for Texas workers to prove that they have been victimized. Taking notes on all disparate treatment will be especially helpful if the employees ever choose to go forward about their situations through the legal system.

Source: wandtv.com, "Transgender Woman Suing Over Discrimination at Burger King", Aug. 27, 2015