Woman Alleges Wrongful Termination From DirectTV After Surgery

People who lose their jobs unexpectedly may wonder what had happened and even question if their terminations were acts of retaliation. A former employee of DirectTV Customer Service Inc. -- a company that serves customers in Texas and elsewhere -- claims that she was fired because she needed time off due to a medical condition. She has taken her wrongful termination complaint to a federal court and named DirectTV, as well as its senior human resource manager, as defendants.

The plaintiff worked as a customer service representative for DirectTV. During her tenure, she had difficulties with her attendance, which resulted in disciplinary actions. The woman was seeing her doctor for cervical dysplasia. This condition borders on cancer, and she was allegedly encouraged to have surgery to prevent cancer cells from spreading and deter others from forming.

The woman knew that her condition would require her to spend more time away from work. Having had a past history of attendance issues, she allegedly consulted with the human resources manager about her surgery and advised that she would need time off. The plaintiff claims that the manager told her that her leave would be approved. After the apparent approval, the woman had her surgery and was off for about three days.

A little over two weeks after the plaintiff came back to work, she was fired. Although she was allegedly told that her leave had been approved, DirectTV had apparently decided otherwise. The woman claims that her termination violated the West Virginia Human Rights Act, and she is seeking monetary damages for her ordeal. Texas individuals in similar situations might consider seeking help to pursue the appropriate financial relief based on the circumstances of their situations.

Source: wvrecord.com, "Woman sues DirecTV for wrongful termination", Kyla Asbury, Oct. 6, 2015