Postal Worker Accuses the Postmaster General of Discrimination

A Texas man alleges that nothing was done to help him after one of his co-workers started harassing him. The plaintiff was employed by the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier. He had worked for the postal service since 1978 without incident, but he began to feel the effects of discrimination in 2014.

The man -- who is Hispanic -- claims that he started being subjected to threats and derogatory racial remarks by a white co-worker. One of the messages referred to the plaintiff as the "Frito Bandito", who is a stereotypical character from Frito Lay ads. These messages were already upsetting the plaintiff, but he maintains that his co-worker took the intimidation one step further.

The plaintiff purportedly saw his co-worker stalking him outside his house. He has no idea how his co-worker was able to obtain his cellphone number, let alone his home address. The harassment became more than he could bear, so he reported what had happened to human resources in hopes of finding a solution. He was apparently told that there was nothing that could be done to stop the harassment.

The plaintiff filed a claim in a Texas federal court against the postmaster general of the U.S. Postal Service for discrimination. In his complaint, he is asking the court for lost wages, legal fees, and monetary damages. No one should have to endure a hostile work environment or otherwise be discriminated against based on legally protected characteristics. Those who are aggrieved may consider investigating their legal options with the help of knowledgeable employment law attorneys.

Source:, "Hispanic letter carrier sues postmaster general, alleging racial discrimination", Robbie Hargett, Oct. 13, 2015