Gemma Power Accused of the Wrongful Termination of an Employee

Employees in Texas and elsewhere who are doing the same job, when all other factors are equal, should receive the same rate of pay. Many workers are unknowingly underpaid, but those who discover discrepancies have every right to question their employers to try to resolve the issues. Bringing up disparate treatment in the workplace should never result in disciplinary measures. Unfortunately, one recent case claims that unfair disciplinary measures were taken to the extreme, resulting in one man's wrongful termination

A former employee of Gemma Power Systems in another state claims that he was mistreated and not given pay equal to his peers. The plaintiff -- who happens to be black -- worked as a journeyman electrician. He was paid $22 per hour for his job duties. He later discovered that one of his white co-workers, who was in the same position, was allegedly being paid $2 more per hour.

The plaintiff believed that there was no reason for him to be paid less than his co-worker, so he discussed the difference in pay rate with his superior. Allegedly, the man was initially told that his rate would not be increased to match the other employee's rate. Later, the man's rate did eventually get raised to $24 per hour, but he believes the increase came at a heavy price.

Ultimately, the plaintiff lost his job for violating a safety protocol. He claims other non-black workers had committed the same violation, but they were never disciplined. The man has taken his wrongful termination and discrimination claims to a federal court, and he is seeking monetary damages, legal fees and lost wages. Texas individuals who feel that they have lost their jobs unjustly, based on any perceived injustices, have the right to examine their legal options and pursue justice.

Source:, "Gemma Power Systems sued over alleged race discrimination and wrongful termination", Robbie Hargett, Oct. 21, 2015