Tyler Junior College Faces Accusations of Discrimination

There are several different types of discrimination that can affect Texas workers, such as being denied a reasonable accommodation. A former computer science professor for Tyler Junior College alleges that he requested an accommodation so that he could continue working with a full-time teaching schedule but was denied. He has filed a discrimination claim against the school in a federal court.

The plaintiff was diagnosed with obstructed lacrimal ducts. This prevents him from teaching at full capacity when he is face-to-face because his eyes do not properly produce tears. Seven years into his tenure, the plaintiff allegedly requested that he only be required to teach online due to his disability, but was denied.

A few months later, the plaintiff was forced to go on a medical leave that eventually drained all of his paid leave time. The professor asked once again if he could be accommodated, but this time was offered a minor solution. The head of his department agreed to let him trade sections with another professor; however, the director of human resources allegedly denied the accommodation.

The Texas professor was not left with many viable options and his requests for accommodation were continually denied. He was offered an adjunct professor position, teaching one or two online classes during a semester, but this would prevent him from having a full teaching schedule. The plaintiff filed a discrimination lawsuit against the school alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is seeking legal fees, monetary damages, and lost wages for his case.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Professor accuses Tyler Junior College of employment discrimination", Robbie Hargett, Nov. 20, 2015