Protection of Employee Rights in Texas

In the state of Texas, justice is available to those who have suffered mistreatment in the workplace. Protection of employee rights is possible for those who have been wrongfully terminated or acted against in retaliation from an employer. In addition, workers involved in wage and hourly disputes or those who have been sexually harassed are able to retain the help of an experienced employment law attorney when preparing to resolve such matters in court.

Kennard Law, P.C. offers dedicated and responsive assistance to those who have suffered discrimination or maltreatment on the job. Such matters can be intensely personal and complicated; our experience and vast understanding of the law enables us to offer customized representation in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you are seeking a restoration of your job position, fair severance pay or compensation for damages, we are able to guide you and act on your behalf throughout the legal process.

Employees who have been mistreated in the workplace often feel frustrated, humiliated and angry. By discussing one's case with experienced legal professionals, steps may be immediately taken in order to begin the process of seeking justice in court. The law strictly governs each and every workplace in the state, and restitution is available to those who have been victimized through violations of those laws.

Kennard Law, P.C. has offices available for contact throughout the state of Texas. Anyone considering filing an employee rights claim is able to request an appointment by calling our toll free number, available on our website. We are prepared to thoroughly investigate your claim in order to offer sound legal counsel and effective representation on your behalf.