Class Action Wage and Hour Claim Against Tyson Foods

A 1946 Supreme Court decision has been deemed relevant in a current dispute between Tyson Foods and thousands of its employees. More than 3,300 workers have joined the class action against the food mogul claiming wage and hour violations at a plant that processes pork outside the state of Texas. On a recent Tuesday, it appeared that the Supreme Court would most likely sustain a finding against the company.

The multimillion-dollar judgment would be ordered in favor of the workers who occupy more than 400 positions at the pork-processing plant. The 70-year-old court decision that has been cited in this case states that employees may present statistical evidence in lawsuits regarding compensation if their employer has not kept adequate records. Apparently, this is not the first time that Tyson has faced similar litigation.

After a decade-long battle in another legal situation, Tyson agreed to settle a dispute with the U.S. Department of Labor. The company agreed to pay poultry workers for the time that they spent donning and removing their specialized protective clothing at work. In its current battle, Tyson has appealed to the high court to dismiss the case, saying that employees should not be permitted to use statistical evidence to prove a case.

Texas employees who believe that they, too have suffered wage and hour injustices or other types of harassment in the workplace may wish to consider filing legal claims in court. It is advisable to first discuss the details of a situation with a professional employment attorney in the area. He or she would have an understanding of the law that could help determine how best to proceed in order to pursue justice in court. 

Source:, "Justices skeptical of Tyson Foods in class-action case", Mark Sherman, Accessed on Nov. 10, 2015