Red Lobster Employees Accuse Their Manager of Sexual Harassment

All employees and managers should understand how to conduct themselves properly in the workplace. A fine line exists between just being friendly and engaging in actions that could be interpreted as sexual harassment. Texas employees should not be forced to tolerate harassing behavior, and sometimes the only way to make it stop is for the employees to come forward about their situations.

Three female employees who worked at a Red Lobster in another state claim that they were subjected to a hostile work environment. The women allege they were touched inappropriately by their culinary manager. They also assert that he would make them uncomfortable when he would describe the sexual fantasies he was having about them.

The women allegedly reported the unwanted advances and comments to their general manager. Not only did the general manager purportedly not stop the behavior, but he also began to engage in the same behavior as the culinary manager. Red Lobster stated that it fired the manager once it was informed of the situation.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment complaint on behalf of the women. Red Lobster was ordered to pay the women $160,000 as a result of the harassment they received. The restaurant must also post information about the settlement in its establishments and train its employees about anti-discrimination laws. Aggrieved Texas workers have the right to file complaints against their employers to attempt to put an end to the lewd behavior, and they should be compensated for the situation that they claim they were forced to endure.

Source:, "Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settled by Red Lobster in Salisbury", Kelli Steele, April 30, 2015