Landry's Inc. Accused of Retaliation by Former Server

Even the most careful employees have a chance of getting hurt on the job. It is illegal for a Texas company to react negatively toward workers who have gotten injured; nevertheless, some still do. A man who worked for a restaurant owned by Landry's Inc. claims that he was fired as an act of retaliation after filing for workers' compensation.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff worked at the restaurant as a server. During his time with the company, he alleges that he was a good employee with a satisfactory track record. Less than two years after being hired, he was injured at work. The plaintiff asserts that he followed the company's protocol for injuries sustained at work. He reported his injury in a timely fashion, got what treatment he could on-site, and completed his scheduled shift.

After the accident, the man filed for workers' compensation and was approved. Once he had healed, he was released and returned to work, where everything seemed to be normal, and as it was before the injury. However, he was later fired unexpectedly for allegedly being the reason for customer complaints.

The plaintiff believes that the real reason for his firing was because he had filed a workers' compensation claim for his injury. He is accusing the Texas restaurant of retaliation and wrongful termination. In his case, he is asking the court to award him damages for his lost income and to be returned to work. Additionally, he is seeking monetary damages for emotional distress, inconvenience, and his reduced ability to enjoy his life, as well as legal fees.

Source:, "Landry's restaurant worker sues for post-benefits termination following injury", Carol Ostrow, May 11, 2015