Ford Motor Company accused of sexual harassment by 33 women

Many men and women in Texas are subjected to hostile work environments each year, and many fail to report the hostility because they fear retaliation. Sometimes the abuse can go on for years before the employees can no longer take the abuse and report the situation to the proper channels. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that should not be ignored, and more victims are speaking up to help prevent it from happening to others in the future.

A group of 33 women claim they were the victims of sexual harassment while working for Ford Motor Company at plants in another state. The women involved in the federal lawsuit are past and present employees who worked for Ford from 2012 until the present day. The women allege they were forced to deal with unwanted touching and advances, as well as attempted rape. Furthermore, some of the men involved in the complaints would purportedly reveal their genitals to the women in person or in photographs.

The women had an investigation conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on their behalf. Based on its findings, it was determined that the women were the victims of discrimination and sexual harassment. According to their complaint, the company was aware of the issues because they were happening in plain view for management and other workers to see. The company is accused of being aware that the improper conduct was happening but choosing to ignore it.

One of accused individuals was recently suspended because of the investigation, but he has since gone back to work. A Ford spokesman claimed that the company is highly opposed to sexual harassment and does not tolerate such behavior. Texas workers who believe that they have been victimized and did not receive resolutions can turn to the courts for justice.

Source:, "More than 30 women sue Ford over sexual harassment at Chicago-area plants", May 6, 2015