Ex-Employee of Tyler Perry Alleges Sexual Harassment

Those who come forward about unwanted behavior in the workplace expect that those in authority will help them. However, that is not always the case, and some Texas employers may decide to hide the situations and attempt to keep the complaining workers quiet through threats or other formers of retaliation. If the affected workers do not receive solutions, they may turn to the legal system to put an end to the sexual harassment and to ensure that it does not continue in the future.

A former employee of Tyler Perry Studios is claiming that he was the victim of sexual harassment. During the three months that the plaintiff was working at the studio, he claims that he was sexually harassed by his supervisor. The plaintiff alleges that the work environment made males feel uncomfortable because of the sexually charged atmosphere.

The plaintiff asserts that his supervisor would text him sexual messages and call him "baby." He purportedly offered him drugs in exchange for sex. The supervisor also allegedly invited the plaintiff to his house to have sex with him. The male model did not want the activity to continue and asserts that he reported the situation, but the company retaliated against him.

The former worker is suing for $5 million and accusing his supervisor, Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry Studios of sexual harassment and libel because of a comment that the actor made about the plaintiff on Facebook. Perry apparently said that the plaintiff was mentally disturbed. Any type of sexual harassment is against the law, and aggrieved Texas employees can look to the court to find justice for their situations.

Source: projectq.us, "Tyler Perry sued over gay sexual harassment", Matt Hennie, May 28, 2015