Airline worker claims he was the victim of race discrimination

The rules that apply to one worker should apply to all of the workers. Employees in Texas may feel they are the victims of discrimination if they and their co-workers are not subjected to the same treatment. Fortunately, when workers cannot find solutions after discussing their feelings with their employers, they can turn to the law for help.

A man who worked for Southwest Airlines Inc. claims that he was discriminated against because of his race. The plaintiff -- who happens to be black -- began working for the company in 1999. His most recent position was working as a ramp agent.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff received disciplinary actions that he felt were undeserved. He ultimately lost his job for violating safety regulations because he was not wearing a safety vest. The plaintiff alleges that his non-black co-workers did not wear their vests, but they were not disciplined and were able to keep their jobs. He claims that Southwest does not delve deep enough into the rules violations of its employees or correct the issues.

The plaintiff filed a claim in a Texas civil court against Southwest Airlines and is accusing the company of discrimination, retaliation and being subjected to a hostile work environment. If he wins his case, he may be awarded the lost income, legal fees and monetary damages he is seeking. It is against the law for employers to treat workers differently on the basis of their protected status characteristics. Aggrieved workers may consider filing claims against their employers to receive financial redress.

Source:, "Southwest agent alleges racial discrimination", Carol Ostrow, May 6, 2015