Worker cites workplace discrimination due to race

All employees should have the same opportunities and be held to the same standards, regardless of any protected status characteristic. Texas workers discover that they are being treated differently may believe that the company is guilty of workplace discrimination. A man who works for Methodist Hospital claims that he was treated differently than his co-workers because he is black.

The plaintiff works for the hospital as a HVAC specialist. His responsibilities include performing preventative maintenance and managing work orders. He was required to go to different departments in the hospital to work. He claims when he attempted to receive further training, he was constantly denied. The plaintiff alleges he was denied this support on purpose so that the company could say he was being non-compliant with hospital procedures.

The man also believes that his managers intentionally misinterpreted a surveillance video of him working. In the video, he was shown sitting down and was told he was loitering, but the plaintiff claims that all he was doing was taking a short break. The plaintiff attempted to get a promotion, but claims the position was offered to a white male who was less qualified.

The plaintiff filed a civil court claim against the Texas hospital, accusing it of workplace discrimination, retaliating against him and permitting a hostile work environment. If he is successful, he may receive the legal costs, lost wages and monetary damages he is seeking.  It is against the law for companies to treat employees differently based upon race or other protected classifications under state and federal laws. Aggrieved workers in similar situations may elect to file claims against their employers to attempt to rectify any injustices.