Former Red Robin worker alleges workplace discrimination

Those who frequent the Red Robin burger chain could be disturbed to hear some of the allegations being made against the company. Burger lovers in Texas and elsewhere may be surprised to hear that one of the employees was allegedly the victim of workplace discrimination because of his sexual orientation. Recently, the man filed a claim against the company and his supervisor after his complaints to human resources allegedly had fallen upon deaf ears.

The plaintiff worked as a general manager at Red Robin for eight years and had been transferred to several locations during his career without incident. He alleges that his work life changed after a new regional manager became his supervisor. According to the complaint, the man was harassed by his supervisor about his sexual orientation and became the butt of jokes for attending a gay pride parade. He was also purportedly told that he should start seeking employment elsewhere.

The plaintiff complained to human resources about the way that his supervisor was treating him. After complaining, he was allegedly placed onto a performance plan, which he believes was an act of retaliation because he reported the discriminatory comments. Even though the regional manager did say that the restaurant improved while he was on the plan, he still lost his job.

Red Robin made a statement indicating that they do have a non-discrimination policy in place and that all employees are required to read and sign it. Based upon evidence of the discrimination, the man may be awarded the monetary damages for emotional stress and legal costs he is seeking, as well as be returned to his former position. Texas workers who believe that they are the victims of workplace discrimination have every right to pursue legal actions.

Source:, "Red Robin manager files discrimination suit, says he was fired because he's gay", March 7, 2015