Former Palio's Pizza Cafe worker files a sexual harassment claim

Violence and harassment should never be tolerated by anyone in the workplace. If such an incident does happen, workers should feel safe reporting the incidents and have confidence that a satisfactory resolution will be achieved. A woman who worked for a Palio's Pizza Cafe in Texas claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment and assault. She asserts that after she reported inappropriate behavior at work, the blame was placed on her.

The former restaurant worker claims she was the victim of sexual harassment for a few months at the hands of her manager. She alleges that the man made sexually suggestive comments and also touched her inappropriately. Although she asked the man to stop, he purportedly did not listen.

To put a stop to the harassment, the plaintiff reported the incidents to the restaurant owner. The owner allegedly told her that she would talk to the manager and handle the situation. Nevertheless, the hostile work environment reportedly continued until a heated incident brought it to a halt. The plaintiff claims that the manager actually hit her, prompting her to call the police.

The owner of the Texas restaurant held a meeting with the woman and her manager. During the discussion, the blame for the situation was allegedly forced upon the plaintiff. Because she could no longer handle the hostile work environment, the woman quit her job and filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In her recently filed federal lawsuit, she is asking the court to award her compensatory damages for mental duress, hospital bills, legal fees and lost wages. Sexual harassment in the workplace violates state and federal laws, and those aggrieved by this unlawful conduct can turn to the legal system for assistance.

Source:, "Woman sues restaurant for harassment, assault", Carol Ostrow, March 23, 2015