Facebook surrounded by accusations of employment discrimination

The creation of equality among people in the workplace has made significant progress over the last several decades. Unfortunately, it is still a problem that plagues employees in Texas and across the United States. Workers should be able to spend their time focusing on their careers instead of fighting against employment discrimination.

A woman who worked for Facebook is claiming that she was not treated fairly because of her race and gender. She was employed by the company for three years. She began as a product manager and then transitioned to a financial technology specialist. Over the course of her employment, she asserts that the director of finance and infrastructure tools made some derogatory statements that included inquiring why she was furthering her career instead of being at home tending to her children.

Additionally, she claims that her opinions were often ignored because she was normally the only woman present or one of very few. The plaintiff alleges that she was also instructed to provide beverages to her male co-workers and organize events, neither of which were part of her job description. Ultimately, she was fired from the company and claims that she was replaced by a man who was less qualified.

A spokesperson for Facebook stated that the company strives to have equality in the workplace, and that some of the facts surrounding these claims have been misconstrued. The plaintiff is asking for monetary compensation for the stress this situation has caused her, as well lost income, in her employment discrimination claim. It is illegal for Texas workers to be treated unfairly due to any protected status characteristics and those who believe they have been victimized have the right to pursue legal actions.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Former employee sues Facebook, alleging discrimination", Tracey Lien, March 18, 2015