David Copperfield accused of a failure to pay overtime to workers

Many Texas residents love to go to magic shows as a form of relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, those who work behind the scenes do not always find the experience to be quite as magical. A group of workers who were employed by the magician David Copperfield are accusing the performer of a failure to pay overtime.

The group of affected current and former employees worked as technicians and stagehands for the magician's shows. The plaintiffs claims that many of the employees were given job titles that did not match the function that they performed. It is claimed that one individual who did personal errands for the magician was given the title of executive assistant and then not paid overtime. Many other positions allegedly had titles that did not fit their work duties. According to the complaint, the workers' paychecks did not denote how many hours they had worked during a pay period.

When they worked more than 40 hours in a week, the plaintiff's claim they were not given overtime for their efforts. Furthermore, when the plaintiffs alerted management about discrepancies in their paychecks or other issues with their employment, they were allegedly intimidated to stop the discussion. The workers also assert that when they raised these complaints, they were continually reminded that sacrifices would need to be made because they have the chance to work with Copperfield.

According to defense counsel for Copperfield, it was actually the magician and his company that were wronged. He stated that these allegations about Copperfield and company's failure to pay overtime are only covering up a bigger problem that concerns the magician's secrets being revealed. Texas workers who notice a discrepancy in their paycheck can first speak to their supervisor about any possible error. If the error is not resolved, the employees may choose to pursue legal actions in an attempt to be awarded reimbursement for unpaid overtime as well as any other monetary damages the court deems appropriate.

Source: thewrap.com, "David Copperfield Sued For Allegedly Stiffing Vegas Show Employees on Overtime", Jordan Zakarin, Feb. 20, 2015