Woman Is Awarded $300k for Her Pregnancy Discrimination Claim

While it is respected, it is not required for women to announce immediately that they are pregnant to their employers. Similar antiquated policies that require women to be forced into desk jobs while fully capable of performing their duties can be considered pregnancy discrimination. Women in Texas who feel that they have been discriminated against for being pregnant can find some sense when they turn to the court system for justice against the purported wrongdoing.

A female in-house detective alleges that was forced to answer phones when she told her former employer she was pregnant. According to her complaint, it was required that women tell their supervisors as soon as they are pregnant, which she did. The policy also allegedly stated that the women were to bring in a note from the doctor so that they could continue to work.

Two hours after the plaintiff notified her supervisor of her condition, she alleges that the vehicle she used to get from her house to her job was no longer available. She asserts that she was reduced to answering phones in the human resources office instead of continuing her regular job. The woman stated that she felt like she was being punished for being pregnant and was treated worse than officers who had been disciplined.

After the plaintiff had her child, she took her maternity leave, retired, and then filed a pregnancy discrimination claim against the department. The woman won her case and was awarded $300,000. Her lawsuit also forced the department to update its policies. Women in Texas who feel that they have been victimized because they are pregnant may turn to the legal system for help. Based upon the evidence of the discrimination, the women may be awarded lost wages and other monetary damages as determined by the court.

Source: madamenoire.com, "I Was Being Penalized Because I Was Pregnant": Park Officer Gets $300k In Discrimination Suit", Kimberly Gedeon 2, June 19, 2015