Woman Accuses Walmart of Retaliation After Being Injured at Work

Performing job functions that require repetitive motion can result in damage to certain parts of the body over time. After being injured on the job, Texas workers will generally file a workers' compensation claim to assist them while they are healing. Employers who act out in retaliation against workers for taking advantage of those types of benefits are in violation of employment laws.

A woman who worked as a stock clerk for Walmart alleges that the company retaliated against her after she was injured on the job. The 10-year employee asserts that her wrists and hands began to hurt and would cramp. After going to the emergency room on two occasions, she claims she was eventually told that by her physician that she needed to have surgery for her advanced carpal tunnel syndrome.

Following her return from medical leave, she filled out the documentation to file for worker's compensation. However, when she tried to punch in to start her shift two weeks later, she discovered that she could no longer access the time clock and that her discount card no longer worked. Her supervisors purportedly told her they had no idea what had happened. The plaintiff was allegedly terminated on the following day.

She filed a claim against Walmart accusing them of discrimination and retaliation because she had applied for the workers' compensation benefits. The company contends that the reason for her firing was legitimate and was in line with the company's disciplinary process. The plaintiff is asking the court to have her returned to her former position and awarded her legal fees and monetary damages. Similarly situated Texas workers can turn to the law to right the injustices against them.

Source: inforum.com, "Minnesota Walmart at center of second worker lawsuit", Elizabeth Mohr, June 13, 2015