Walmart Could Be Faced With Paying Nearly $150m in Unpaid Wages

The nation's largest private employer -- Walmart -- is once again in the headlines over wage issues with its workers. Many retail shoppers in Texas and elsewhere may be shocked to hear the way the company pays its truck drivers. Even though the company allegedly has some of the highest-paid drivers in the industry, with annual wages at around $100,000, they are still not receiving all the wages that they believe they are owed.

720 current and former drivers allege that they were not paid in accordance with California minimum wage laws. The drivers claim that they were not paid for certain job duties, such as washing their vehicles and having inspections. The plaintiffs also assert that they were not paid when they had layovers and for the time they spent completing paperwork.

The drivers are not paid by the hour. They are instead paid based on certain activities and by how many miles they drive. This pay system resulted in a district court judge ruling in favor of the drivers. She ruled that the activities that the drivers perform that are not paid separately cannot be part of the daily duties that are compensated by the company.

The lawsuit against Walmart will be decided by a jury. It is estimated that Walmart may be expected to pay nearly $150 million. This amount includes unpaid wages, damages, interest, and penalties. Similarly situated Texas workers who find discrepancies in their pay and are not provided with solutions that they find agreeable may investigate the possibility of pursuing civil claims.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Walmart Violated Minimum Wage Laws, Federal Judge Rules", Sudhin Thanawala, June 10, 2015