Tahari Is Being Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Consultant

All employees deserve to be respected and should not feel dread when heading to work because of what could happen to them there. Sadly, sexual harassment still happens every day in Texas and across the country, even though it is against the law. Many workers do not speak up, because they fear losing their jobs or experiencing some sort of retaliation. Others decide to take the chance, believing that the law is on their side, and fight back against the treatment they have endured.

A former fashion consultant for Elie Tahari claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment. According to her complaint, the workplace was sexually charged and made her feel uncomfortable. The harassment continued on a regular basis until one event pushed the plaintiff over the edge.

The plaintiff alleges that she was modeling a skirt when Tahari tried to grope her by reaching up under the skirt. She asserts that she was humiliated because it happened in front of a group of her peers. The woman claims that she put her hands on her legs so she would not be exposed and told him to stop.

Tahari purportedly said that he could not afford another lawsuit and could not deal with her anymore. She was terminated two hours after she complained to human resources. The woman filed a sexual harassment claim against Tahari and is seeking $12 million in damages. Sexual harassment in the workplace should never be tolerated. Texas victims who do not receive an agreeable resolution after filing complaints with their employers may choose to turn to the justice system to right the wrongs against them.

Source: New York Daily News, "Fashion consultant files $12M sexual harassment lawsuit against Elie Tahari after public groping from 2011", Dareh Gregorian and Rich Schapiro, June 12, 2015