Man Claims He Was Fired for Discrimination Due to Wife's Illness

When workers are dealing with the health situations of their family members, they expect that the company they work for will support them and not treat them any differently going forward. However, some Texas employers do not want to deal with the expense of the situation, nor do they want to accommodate the workers during this difficult time. Acting in such a manner may cause the employees to believe that they are victims of discrimination.

A man who worked for Core Products Co. Inc claims that the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when they wrongly fired him. In 2014, the plaintiff discovered that his wife had breast cancer. In order to better take care of her, he allegedly told his employer about the situation and requested that he work from home. Although his supervisor told him that due to security reasons he could not grant his request, he apparently told him that other accommodations could be made.

The plaintiff's wife had more procedures and appointments with her doctor and ultimately had a double mastectomy. The man told his supervisor that he would need to care for her for another 11 days because of the surgery. The following day, the man was fired.

According to his complaint, the man stated that other workers for the Texas company were in similar situations, but they were able to retain their jobs. He believes that he was fired as an act of discrimination because of his wife's condition. Due to the circumstances, he asserts that he suffers from mental distress, and his reputation has been tarnished. He has also lost his income and is asking a civil court to award him his lost wages, monetary damages, and legal fees for his case.

Source:, "Former Core Products employee claims discriminatory firing", Carol Ostrow, May 26, 2015